montgomery photographic arts merchandise

Caitlin “Cait” Lawson

Rebecca “Monty” Montgomery

Cait and Monty of Montgomery Photographic Arts have created a variety of photographic offerings in unique forms. tshirts, coasters, stainless steel bottle openers, and more give photography fans new ways to appreciate the art form.

Creating new products from reclaimed pallet wood, Montgomery Photographic Arts has reinvented the definition of fine art photography.

Decorative Dilapidation


Decorative Dilapidation


This shot up shell of a car is rad. And there is a little box in which you may store some lil’ stuff or provide further decoration. It all depends upon your taste and your need for tiny object storage…

Materials: Pallet Wood/Metal (Photo)

Box Dimensions: 3 3/8 L X 2 D X 1 3/4 W

Disclaimer: All of our wood products are reclaimed. Wood may have splinters, chips, discolorations, and may not have straight edges or lay flat. These inconsistencies add to the individuality and charm of each piece. We do our best to ensure the structural integrity of all merchandise. We are unable to provide refunds for these products.

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